Senior Technical Project Manager
Chicago, IL (Remote)

12+ month contract
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  • Plan, coordinate, supervise, and communicate activities related to the design, development, testing, and deployment to system in datacenter


Required Skills:

  • Must Have Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Exec steering committee presentations. Must be able to read the room to understand appropriate level of detail.
  • Liaise with technical and non-technical people at the hotels
  • Tracking with vendors regarding scope, dates, and issues
  • Editing documentation written by engineers so that it is easily understood by non-technical hotel staff


  • Discuss business requirements with Business partners
  • Discuss technical requirements, issues, and estimates with engineers
  • Should have experience with the typical resistance or inability of engineers to provide detailed estimates
  • Work with multiple technical and non-technical teams
  • Work with multiple teams that test their application integrations with the system

Project Intake

  • Review scope and other intake documents provided by our business partners and work with those business partners to develop the missing pieces before proceeding with Engineering teams
  • Work with engineers to determine high-level estimates
  • Work with managers to determine where projects fall in the priority list
  • Communicate projected start dates and durations to requestors

    Project Management

  • Acumen to know when artifacts in project methodology are necessary and when they can be skipped
  • Track detailed status, issues, deliverables, and next steps
  • Structured methodology for managing all the details for multiple projects simultaneously
  • 5+ years running projects of different sizes
  • Must have participated in (not necessarily owned) at least one 8-12 month (or longer) 10+ person-year project
  • Must have owned at least one 6+ month project
  • Creates, manages and executes project plans
  • Critical path management: understand how constraints affect estimates
  • Experience estimating and managing project budgets is a big plus


  • Expected to schedule and run meetings with project team members
  • Must be able to run efficient meetings. (Publish agendas. Come prepared. Keep people on task. End early when possible. Cancel standing meetings when not necessary. Publish minutes – including follow up tasks.)
  • Must be an active listener, not just taking notes of others’ conversations. Look for holes in others’ plans and brainstorm with them to find solutions.
  • Facilitate brainstorming and problem solving of issues


  • Understand different classes of testing (unit, integration, functional, performance, smoke)
  • Primary Tech Knowledge and Experience
  • Worked on tech projects for 10+ years
  • Background as an individual contributor in some technology discipline strongly preferred. (e.g., developer, engineer, etc)
  • Have a working knowledge of technical components in a datacenter. (E.g., Virtual machines, networking, etc.) Not expected to be an expert in any of these technologies, but basic knowledge is necessary to understand the context of details provided by engineers.

Preferred Skills:

  • Secondary Technology Knowledge and Experience
  • Experience with any of the following technologies is a plus. None are required.
  • Oracle DB, Virtual machines (Vsphere), F5 network gear, infoblox DNS, active directory, distributed file servers, PURE storage
  • Java & Oracle Forms client, served up by weblogic
  • Automation: PowerShell, Ansible, Rundeck
  • Hospitality experience a strong plus (but not required)
  • Must be a subject matter expert in some discipline from previous work experience. (Not interested in project coordinators that do not absorb any details in their environment.)
  • Must be interested in acquiring business expertise of systems and growing into a subject matter expert over time


Mary Nugent

Senior Recruiting Consultant

Forbes Technical Consulting

Chicago, IL

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